Agricultural Leadership

Becoming an effective leader is a lifelong journey, and the Worshipful Company of Farmers is excited to be part of a new initiative, helping tomorrow's leaders shape their own personal journey

The right course at the right time

The critical question when considering which leadership course to apply for, is ‘which one is right for me now’? As at different times in your career journey the answer will be different.

In conjunction with the AHDB the following providers of Leadership and advanced management courses covering agriculture and the rural sector have been working together to promote professional leadership training

  • Farmers Club Charitable Trust via Windsor Leadership Trust and Agricultural Educator Awards
  • Institute of Agricultural Management
  • Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust.
  • The Worshipful Company of Farmers

To help you compare courses you can click on the following link. This will take you to a list of a range of courses and providers that cover specific training which is linked to the agricultural industry that covers ‘Leadership’ and ‘Advanced Management’ training. Whats right for me – Courses

The following videos were filmed by current agricultural leaders who have benefitted from a leadership course. They explain the benefits they and their businesses have gained through selecting the right course at the right time.

The benefits to the business

There is a reason why most businesses are organised with a “boss” or various layers of authority and leadership – this is the model which produces the most effective and efficient system for generating productivity and profitability. Leadership is vital for both in building the strength and power of the organisation and in helping to manage relationships and resources.

Hear from business owners Di Wastenage and James Peck, on the value agricultural leadership training has brought to their farm business. Nick Green from Lye Cross Farm and Vicky Robinson of Natural England, both share how they took the lessons learnt and implemented changes in the business they work for.

Is leadership important?

Why is leadership so important? Does it really matter if a group does not have the support of a good leader? Yes, in fact, it seems it does.History and experience suggest that leadership IS very important to the success of a group or community as a whole – and to the success of individuals within the group.

Find out what agricultural leadership means and how Nick Green, James Peck, Di Wastenage and Vicky Robinson embarked on their leadership journey from different backgrounds and approaches.

Leading yourself

To be a great leader, you need to start by leading yourself.

Leaders need to know all their biases, preferences and weaknesses. It is crucial information for a boss to have, but it is not always easy for them to receive such feedback from their colleagues.

All of us have our own journey into leadership, different routes and different personal experiences. This short video explores the personal benefit agricultural leadership training can provide to you as an individual.

What does professional development in agriculture mean?

Leaders should be equipped with skills that will help them lead a team of employees to a more productive and profitable goal. Leadership development programmes must help future and existing leaders to derive optimal productivity from their work peers.

Training is a lifelong journey, this video talks through the continuous professional development experiences from James, Nick, Vicky and Di.