Farmers come tenth in Inter-Livery clay shoot

The Famer's team caught between two stools

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Inter-livery Shoot May 2019

2019 shoot team and Tony Alston
2019 WCF Inter-Livery Shoot competition team with captain Past Master Tony Alston

This year, the Company was represented by Liveryman David Bright's brother - spot the likeness - and three local farmers. The objective of course was to win, but with a number of the Livery Companies fielding very professional teams, our team, very sensibly, had its eyes on the special prize for coming twelfth.

The award for finishing in this strange position, not surprisingly called ‘The Glorious 12th’, was introduced into proceedings to maintain competition throughout the field and to encourage the midfield teams, who might feel the chance of an overall win was likely to be a little beyond their abilities.

Unfortunately for the Farmers, we were not good enough for one prize and too good for the other. We came a very creditable 10th overall! Past Master Tony Alston, our shoot captain, wasn’t shooting this year but never-the-less went round with our team to provide encouragement and support and was heard to say, “It was easier to comment when not carrying a gun!”