WCF supports HMS Defender's efforts to promote Global Britain

HMS Defender is on a 40 country tour of duty - foreign dignitaries entertained on board will meet the ship's chefs decked-out in their WCF sponsored chef's whites

Date: 27th April 2021

WCF - proud to support HMS Defender and Global Britain

Chefs whites HMS Defender 2021

Our affiliated Royal Navy ship HMS DEFENDER is joining, as part of the Carrier Strike Group, the Royal Navy’s largest peacetime deployment for 25 years.

As well as its other duties, whilst visiting other countries, DEFENDER will be representing the UK and ‘Global Britain.’ To support this, the Ship will be used to host important dignitaries, at events where food is an essential promotional tool. DEFENDER has a menu made up of 14 dishes specially designed to represent all parts of the UK; showing the diversity and quality of food that comes from Britain.

The ships team of eighteen chefs will all be wearing 'chefs whites' sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Farmers and bearing our coat of arms and branding.