The Westminster Dragoons Regimental Dinner

Master, Karen Mercer reflects on the event which was held on Saturday 27th November.

Start date: 27th November 2021
End date: 27th November 2021

It was a huge privilege to represent the Livery as Your Master as this wonderful event on Saturday 27th November. I was hosted by the Commander, Major Sam Beagley at their headquarters in Fulham. I was thrilled to see that our apprentice to the Company, Victoria Rayner, who serves as a soldier with the Dragoons was also in attendance.

As a Livery we are very proud of our Affiliation with the Westminster Dragoons and I was delighted to present the WCF Livery Salver to 2 Troop under the command of Lt Gordon. The formalities were then over and the dancing began, a very enjoyable evening indeed.

Karen Mercer presenting the WCF Livery Salver
Karen Mercer presenting the WCF Livery Salver