Lincolnshire Dinner in Honour of the new Master

Liverymen and alumni met in Lincolnshire to celebrate the appointment of Rosie Carne to the position of Master

Date: 6th November 2018

Venue: Hemswell Court

Splendid Lincolnshire dinner honours new Master

WCF Alumni at 2018 Lincolnshire dinner
Lincolnshire based alumni of WCF courses joined Liverymen and guests in honouring new Master Rosie Carne

On Tuesday 6th November 120 Lincolnshire based Liverymen, WCF course alumni and their guests attended a dinner at Hemswell Court in honour of the new Master.

Recent ACABM Alumni Emma Blandford and Charles Anyan gave a brief outline of their experiences on the courses. Past Master Philip Wynn proposed a toast to the new Master and the Master replied, giving us a history of the origins of the City Livery Companies.

During the evening Liverymen and Alumni gathered for a group photograph

Liverymen at 2018 Lincolnshire dinner
Lincolnshire based Liverymen joined WCF alumni and guest at a dinner in honour of the new Master Rosie Carne