Seven new Liveryman clothed at June Court meeting

A meeting of the Court of Assistants followed by luncheon at Farmers & Fletchers' hall

Date: 4th June 2019

Start time: 9:30am

Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

June Court sees seven new Liverymen join the Company

June 2019 Court new liverymen
The Master and Court with the Company's seven new Liverymen

We are already more than halfway through another Livery year. And it has been so far a very good year indeed. The Livery visit to Italy was a great success, luncheons have been very well supported, the Company's new alumni association the WCFA has been successfully established and run its first Learning Extension Day and the education programme continues to go from strength to strength and sees the introduction of Applying Precision Technology in Agriculture at Harper Adams - a brand new course and a new course partner.

One key measure of the Company's health is the inflow of new members so it was particularly pleasing to see seven new members clothed at the June Court meeting.

At the same time it was sad to see two long standing and prominent members of the Court, Follett Balch and John Reynolds, standing down. The Master thanked both for their long and extremely valuable contribution to the Company both before and after joining the Court and expressed the hope that this would be continued for many years to come despite them stepping down from Court, a sentiment that was widely endorsed by the whole Court.

Oldest and newest Liverymen attend June Livery luncheon

Liverymen Clarke, Brookes and Craven
New Liveryman Peter Craven chats to somewhat more established members Olive Clarke and John Brookes

Our ever vigilant Assistant Clerk, Duncan Couper spotted an excellent photo opportunity during the pre-luncheon drinks reception. One of the days new Liverymen intake and therefore our newest Liveryman Peter Craven chatting to our oldest Liveryman Mrs Olive Clarke who were soon joined by Liveryman John Brookes who confirmed he was the oldest male Liveryman - a moment the Assistant Clerk thought worth sharing with the Livery.

Lord Hogan Howe speaks at June Livery luncheon

June luncheon Lord Hogan Howe
Lord Hogan-Howe was the Master's guest speaker at the June luncheon

With the Master hosting the last Livery luncheon of her year, the theme established at the beginning 'Evidence based decision making' was strongly in evidence through guest speaker, Lord Hogan Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 2011 to 2017. The Master explained that a serendipitous meeting with Lord Howe had seemed an opportunity too good to miss and she had issued an invitation to speak as a guest immediately.

He spoke about 'evidence' in policing, making the point that while 1 in 5 criminals apprehended are actually still at the scene of the crime, all the rest are convicted on the basis of evidence collected by the police. Policing he said was based on the trust of the community in the police force - and that trust was based on the police being able to provide proper and reliable 'evidence'.

Paraphrasing what the Master has said many times during her year so far; the judgement of farming techniques, both old and new, by farmers and the community at large, has to be based on sound reliable evidence. And without the willingness to seek, invest in finding and then proper analysis of 'the evidence', our industry will not flourish in the challenging times ahead.

There was 'evidence' of the Company's and guest generosity and perhaps humour via the farm cart - which raised a very creditable £1,425.00 and a slightly less creditable but never-the-less welcome,10 Croatian Krona. Funds from the farm cart of course all go straight to the Company's charitable fund where they support our key educational activities.