August 2019

  • 29th (Thu)

    John Alliston Memorial Golf Day 29th August 2019

    Venue: Stratford on Avon Golf Club

    Details: The 2019 John Alliston Golf Day takes place on Thursday 29th August at Stratford on Avon golf course

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September 2019

  • 03rd (Tue)
    04rd (Wed)

    2019 Master's Summer Outing

    Details: A fantastic agenda planned for the Company's visit to the ancient city of Bath

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  • 10th (Tue)

    Funding Committee Meeting

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

    Starts: 11:00am

  • 10th (Tue)

    Fellowship Committee Meeting

    Starts: 2:00pm

  • 10th (Tue)

    Masters Committee Meeting

    Starts: 4:00pm

  • 16th (Mon)

    2019 Masters & Clerks Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

    Details: The Company reciprocating hospitality from other Companies and showcasing our hall

October 2019

  • 07th (Mon)

    Education Committee Meeting

    Venue: Founders Hall

    Starts: 12:00pm

  • 08th (Tue)

    October 2019 Court Meeting

    Venue: Haberdasher's Hall, 18 West Smithfield , London, EC1A 9HQ

    Starts: 9:00am

  • 08th (Tue)

    Harvest Thanksgiving and Installation of new Master

    Venue: St Bartholomew the Great

    Starts: 11:15am

November 2019

  • 09th (Sat)

    Lord Mayor's Show

    Venue: City of London

    Details: The Company takes an active role in the annual parade to introduce the new Lord Mayor to the City

December 2019

  • 02nd (Mon)

    December 2019 Court Dinner

    Starts: 6:00pm

  • 03rd (Tue)

    2019 Common Hall & Court and Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Carpenters' Hall, London, EC2N 2JJ

    Starts: 10:00am

January 2020

  • 21st (Tue)

    Annual Livery Banquet

    Venue: Clothworkers'Hall

    Details: For many the highlight of the Livery year - the white tie banquet, this year to be held at Clothworkers' Hall

March 2020

  • 03rd (Tue)

    March 2020 Court & Livery Luncheon

    Venue: Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

July 2020

  • 06th (Mon)
    07th (Wed)

    2020 Master's Summer Outing

    Venue: Norfolk

    Details: The 2020 Summer Outing sees us visiting the new Master's home county of Norfolk

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September 2020

  • 08th (Tue)
    12th (Sat)

    Livery short break - Lausanne, Switzerland

    Details: Following the success of the 2019 trip to Italy, for 2020 the Company is in Switzerland

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