Mental Health in Farming - Resources and Contacts

Details of the Farming Health and Wellbeing Workshop and a list of resources to help farmers cope in the workplace

Delegates at the June 5th 2017 Health and Wellbeing forum
Delegates at the Farming Health and Wellbeing forum at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall

Farming Health and Wellbeing forum at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall - a good start

On June 5th 2017 the Worshipful Company of Farmers hosted an important, national workshop on the topic of mental health in farming, at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall. The Master, Philip Wynn was pleased to welcome delegates from all over the UK to, what is believed to be, the first workshop of its kind ever to have been held.

The attendees shared their experiences, many of them truly moving, discussed best practice and importantly how best to create a much more 'joined up', nationwide approach to coping with, what is rapidly becoming recognised as a major issue for farming, stress in the workplace.

With the discussion wide ranging and complex, the decision was taken to summarise the output and conclusions of the meeting in a 'Discussion Paper' which, it is hoped, will be available in the coming days and which will be published here on the WCF website.

One of the actions the Worshipful Company of Farmers agreed to undertake was the publication of a national list of resources, contacts and facilities. This will also be made available to the industry as a whole via the WCF website.

Delegates at the workshop included Charles Smith, and Glyn Evans of the Farming Community Network; Allan Robson, Lincolnshire Rural Support Network; David Leaver, Worshipful Company of Farmers; Nina Clancy, RSABI in Scotland; Trish Pickford, RABI; Johann Tasker, Farmers Weekly; Aarun Naik, Nuffield Scholar; Stuart Burgess, Worshipful Company of Farmers; Diane Spark, Upper Teasdale Agricultural Support Service; Holly Beckett, Focussed Farmers Project; Richard Soffe, Rural Business School; Rita Walsh, Royal Agricultural University; Fay Jones, The National Farmers Union; Gordon Gatward, Chaplain to the Worshipful Company of Farmers; Rosie Carne, Junior Warden of the Worshipful Company of Farmers, Julian Sayers, Senior Warden of the Worshipful Company of Farmers and Philip Wynn the Master of the Worshipful Company of Farmers.