The Worshipful Company of Farmers Trustee Company

How the Worshipful Company of Farmers Charitable Trust is operated and controlled.

The operation of the Worshipful Company of Farmers Trustee Company

From 1stOctober 2020, the Worshipful Company of Farmers charitable assets and administration became the responsibility of a new trust company set up specifically for this purpose. The timing of the transfer of assets being timed to coincide with the Charity’s existing financial year end.

The move was made on the basis of advice received from the Company's lawyers, Stone King and the work undertaken, on behalf of the Court, by the Charity Advisory Group, chaired by Past Master John Thorpe. It was designed to ensure that the Worshipful Company of Farmers complies fully with the 'Charity Commission Guidance' issued during 2019. This 'Guidance' requires a distinct separation between an organisation's corporate and charitable activities.

The objectives of the WCF Charitable Fund are not changed in anyway by this separation and the new trustee company will for example continue to fund the highly regarded and successful education programmes, which have been a hallmark of the Worshipful Company of Farmers activities for many years, along with other charitable activities.

Applications for charitable funding may be made, either through one of the Company's committees as they have in the past, or now also by applying directly to the Trust Company itself through a grant application process. The grant application form can be found here Wcf Grant Application Form

The Directors of the Company, who in their capacity as Trustees will control and manage the Charity’s assets which comprise of the cash reserves, investments and the Livery property, are as follows:

Julian Sayers – Past Master and Court Assistant

Guy Brogden – Honorary Surveyor and Court Assistant

Baroness Hazel Byford – Past Master

Tim Russ – Liveryman and Solicitor

Rupert Jones – Past Master of The Worshipful Company of Solicitors