Joint WCF and FRAgS report into Intensive Livestock Production in the UK

Summary report of a joint WCF/FRAgS workshop into Lowland Animal Production in the UK

Report of the Workshop on Lowland Animal Production in the UK released

This report, jointly authored by WCF Immediate Past Master, Philip Wynn and Maurice Bichard of FRAgS, records the discussions and conclusions of a panel of experts, brought together to discuss intensive livestock rearing in the UK, at a workshop held at Farmers & Fletchers' Hall on September 5th 2017.

The meeting heard submissions from a number of prominent contributors including

  • Prof Richard Bennett ARAgS
  • Peter Jinman ARAgS
  • Patrick Hook NSch
  • Meryl Ward FRAgS
  • Robert Craig NSch,
  • Andrew Humphries FRAgS
  • Teresa Dent FRAgS
  • Amy Jackson NSch.

In the afternoon the delegates, approximately 50 attended, had the opportunity to participate in an extended discussion chaired by Prof David Leaver FRAgS. 

The Report is be based upon the contributors' material and the opinions expressed during the Workshop and the organisers hope that it will influence future planning by government, individual producers and indeed all components of our livestock industries.

Bichard Final Report Copy