Our Aims & Objectives

Summer visit 2018
Liverymen inspecting the Bayer trials on the Butler family's Wiltshire farm

Our aims and objectives

The Worshipful Company of Farmers' is a relatively 'young' Livery Company and we celebrated our Diamond Anniversary of the Grant of Livery in 2012. In that year a group of Liverymen was set up to review the future needs and ambitions of the Livery in order to meet the demands of a dynamic and growing Company. The outcome of their work was a number of recommendations regarding the size and structure of the Livery which are now in place and they re-affirmed the five key areas in which we are actively involved.

Promoting excellence

  • Stimulating the development of agricultural education
  • Promoting higher standards of technical attainment
  • Facilitating discussion and promotion of common interests
  • Promoting the better understanding or agriculture in the life of the nation
  • Forging links between home agriculture and the City of London
  • Collaborating with industrial organisations and other Livery Companies

Supporting education and research

  • Organising, promoting and sponsoring educational training and management courses at leading agricultural colleges
  • Scholarships and bursaries for younger people
  • Financial assistance for foreign travel for young people
  • Assistance for apprentices
  • Grants to aid research and dissemination of results

Raising funds

  • Maintaining Charitable and Educational Funds
  • Raising further funds to augment existing Trusts
  • Instituting further Trust funds and/or outside financial support
  • Member of the AgriFood Charities Partnership which identifies sources of funding for agricultural education and research
  • Launch of a new approach for charities through collaboration
  • Supporting and promoting the City of London
  • Stimulating a knowledge of the Livery movement
  • Encouraging Liverymen to engage in the affairs of the City and Corporation of London, including City briefings and elections of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs

Fostering a spirit of good fellowship and encouraging new members

  • Arranging lunches, dinners, events and social occasions to facilitate discussion of farming matters
  • Encouraging Liverymen to attend Company events, particularly the installation of the new Master and Wardens
  • Encouraging interest from prospective new members

Publicising the Company and its activities

  • Projecting an image which shows the Company to be of relevance to both the agricultural industry and the City of London
  • Publishing a twice yearly Newsletter reporting the Company’s activities
  • Producing suitable literature and involving the media as appropriate
  • Providing speakers to promote the aims and objectives of the Company