Officers & Committees

Master Julian Sayers and Wardens
The Master - Julian Sayers, Senior Warden Rosie Carne and Junior Warden David Bolton

Governance and Officers

The Company is governed by a Court consisting of a Master, a Senior and a Junior Warden who are elected from the Court and between fifteen and twenty four Assistants. All members of the Court are elected from the Livery. The majority of the Court of Assistants must be engaged in the farming industry. Past Master Assistants, in descending order of time since passing the chair, leave the Court in turn.

The Clerk to the Company is responsible for carrying out the policies and instructions of the Court and for the efficient running of the Company involving the traditional work of a City Livery Company, servicing and attending Court Meetings and its principal Committees, organising Livery events and maintaining the Company's Administration and Accounts.

The following Honorary Officers of the Company are appointed annually by the Court:

  • The Honorary Solicitor
  • The Honorary Surveyor
  • The Master's Chaplain
  • The Honorary Archivist
  • Charity Co-Ordinator

There are five Company Stewards, appointed from amongst the Livery, to act as officials at Court and Livery lunches and also at social events.

The Company's Committees are as follows:

  • The Almoners Committee - charitable donations
  • The Education Committee - all charitable activities concerned with the advancement of agricultural education and research
  • The Finance Committee
  • The Henman, Brooks Apprentices and Jubilee Committee - travel awards to help students and young farmers gain practical experience overseas in agriculture, horticulture and associated careers
  • The Fellowship and Communications Committee - company events and the social programme
  • The Master's Committee
  • The Nominations Committee
  • The Affiliations Committee
  • WCF Alumni Committee

Officers for 2017/18

The Master - J A Sayers
The Senior Warden - Miss R S N Carne
The Junior Warden
- D J H Bolton
The Deputy Master - J K Reynolds
The Immediate Past Master - P G Wynn
The Senior Past Master - C T Redman
The Clerk - G E Bamford
The Master's Chaplain - The Reverend Dr Gordon Gatward OBE

Company Stewards

C J Day
R T Halhead
I A Stockley
P D Strawson
H D Wykes

The Court of Assistants

J A Sayers - Master
Miss R S N Carne - Senior Warden
D J H Bolton - Junior Warden
P G Wynn - Immediate Past Master
C T Redman - Senior Past Master
J F Thorpe OBE - Past Master Assistant
W F Balch - Past Master Assistant
J K Reynolds Past Master Assistant & Deputy Master
A J Alston - Past Master Assistant
T H Wheatley Hubbard - Past Master Assistant
G J Shooter
Mrs K J Mercer
Miss C L Ratcliff
Sir Bertie Ross KCVO
W R T Crane
R T Whitlock
R E Davies
A J Brown JP
Miss B J Young
G J Dodgson
J S Peck
J Boomers
R E Anscombe

Committee Lists 2016/17

Master's Committee

J A Sayers- Master, Chairman
Miss R S N Carne - Senior Warden
D J H Bolton Junior Warden
P G Wynn - Immediate Past Master
W F Balch - Almoners Committee
W R T Crane - Finance Committee
R E Davies - Website and Newsletter Editor
W A L Gemmill - Farmers & Fletchers Hall
Mrs K J Mercer - Education Committee 
J S Peck - Henman, Brooks, Jubilee Committee
Miss C L Ratcliff - Fellowship and Communications Committee
J K Reynolds - Nominations Committee, Deputy Master
T H Wheatley-Hubbard - Affiliations Committee
R T Whitlock - Funding Committee

Finance Committee

W R T Crane - Chairman
M P Hill - Vice Chairman
C T Redman - Senior Past Master Assistant
G W Allen
G L Brogden - Honorary Surveyor
A J R Jones
Dr G J Birch
Mrs A Phillips - Honorary Solicitor
Ms M I J Foster

Investment Sub-Committee

W R T Crane - Chairman 
Dr G J Birch
T J Gibbons
C T Redman - Past Master Assistant 

Property Sub-Committee

G L Brogden - Chairman, Honorary Surveyor
P R Faulkner - Past Master Assistant
L R Hickish

Education Committee

Mrs K J Mercer - Chairman
E J Q Hitchcock - Vice Chairman
S R Butcher - Vice-Chairman (ACABM)
M J Rowe - Vice Chairman (CRLC)
Mrs P J Corbett- Vice Chairman (LAMP)
Professor J D Leaver - Vice-Chairman (Research)
P C Bennett
J Boomaars
J D Courtney - Past Master Assistant
R H Derryman
Sir Bertie Ross KCVO
Miss B J Young 
S P Watkins
Ms R M Watkins

Fellowship and Communications Committee

Miss C L Ratcliff - Chairman
R E Davies - Vice Chairman
P G Wynn - Immediate Past Master
C J Day
G J Dodgson
M J Lampard
J S Martin
N H Olesen
N R Padwick
Mrs H A Russell
P G Wakeford
R T Whitlock
H D Wykes

Almoners Committee

W F Balch - Chairman, Past Master Assistant
Rev Dr S J Burgess CBE DD
R T Halhead - Charity Co-ordinator
C T Redman - Senior Past Master
J G Williams

Henman, Brooks Apprentices/Jubilee Committee

J S Peck - Chairman
Baroness Byford DBE DL - Past Master
A R W Bell
J G Burton
A E Fowler
S J Norris
M F Young

Affiliations Committee

T H Wheatley-Hubbard - Chairman
Colonel D E King OBE - Navy, Clerk Emeritus
Commander S P L Staley RN - Army
A C Ireland JP - RAF
Mrs M A Courtney - ATC
G J Dodgson
J L Evans
Mrs K E R Hall 

The Master and Wardens are ex officio members of all the above committees

Nominations Committee

J K Reynolds - Chairman, Deputy Master
J A Sayers - Master
P G Wynn - Immediate Past Master
A J Alston - Past Master Assistant
J D Courtney - Past Master Assistant
C T Redman - Senior Past Master
J F Thorpe OBE - Past Master Assistant
T H Wheatley-Hubbard

Charity Advisory Committee

J F Thorpe PBE - Past Master Assistant
C T Redman - Senior Past Master
J K Reynolds - Past Master Assistant, Deputy Master
R A Woof - Honorary Freeman

WCF Alumni Committee

R E Davies - Chairman
M Hall (Liveryman)
C Day (Liveryman)
C Anyan
R Milligan-Manby
H Parry
T Isaac
J Hunter


J F Thorpe OBE - Past Master Assistant

Charity Co-Ordinator

R T Halhead

Honorary Surveyor

G L Brogden

Honorary Solicitor

Mrs A Phillips

Website and Newsletter Editor

R E Davies