Military & Cadet Affiliations

Our Military Affiliations

Geoff Dodgson
Geoff Dodgson - Chairman of the Affiliations Committee

Through its Affiliations Committee, chaired by Geoff Dodgson, the Company supports the country's armed forces and the Air Cadet movement. It has formal affiliations with branches of the the Army, Navy and Airforce, as well as the Middlesex Wing of the Air Cadets. It is also a supporter of Highground, the charity that helps ex-service personnel transition to civilian life through outdoor work.

The Royal Navy - HMS Defender

HMS Defender

Since completing a nine month deployment ending in the autumn of 2016, HMS Defender has undergone an extensive capability upgrade in Portsmouth. Some of the Livery were able to go and inspect the ship in Feb 2017 when she was in dry dock. Now afloat and under the command of Commander Richard Hewitt, HMS Defender continues to undergo sea trials before resuming full active duties

The Army - the Westminster Dragoons

Master Wynn at West Drag
Past Master Philip Wynn dines with the Westminster Dragoons

The Livery has strong links with the W Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry, otherwise known as the Westminster Dragoons, now under the command of Major Charlie Rotheram, and was pleased to entertain four serving Dragoons at the 2018 Banquet, including two previous Livery prizewinners. The Master also invited their Hon Col Paul Knapman to the June Livery lunch.

The Master, accompanied by the Mistress Farmer, attended the annual dinner of the Westminster Dragoons Regimental Association in October 2018. Our leadership trophy to the winning trooper this year is yet to be awarded.

Middlesex Wing Air Training Corps

Master at 2018 Wing Day
The Master presents the Company's Salver to the winning squadron

Wing Field Day was Sunday Sept 9th2018. The Master attended with the Mistress Farmer and was accompanied by Liveryman Anne Courtney, Past Master Jeremy Courtney and Liveryman John Evans.

What is Wing Field Day? It is the culmination of the cadet year, showcasing the high levels of training in the Squadrons activities. It encourages a spirit of competition at Wing level and the Squadron winners go on to represent their Wing at Regional level.

This year our party was given presentations by two cadets who had benefitted from the Company’s bursaries to help defray the costs, of international travel to meet other Air Cadet groups.

The salute was taken by Group Captain Mike Carver, the Station Commander of RAF Northolt, and the Master presented the Livery Salver, for community involvement, to the winning Squadron - 86 Heston and Isleworth.

The Royal Airforce - RAF Waddington

5 Squadron has a fleet of Sentinels

RAF Waddington is home to six squadrons and is under the current command of Group Captain Tom Burke.

In this very special year for the Royal Airforce, the centenary of its founding on April 1st 1918, 21 members of the Company were honoured and delighted to take up the Station Commander's invite to visit.

Our day included a visit to 5 Squadron, one of the oldest squadron's still in existence - pre-dating even the RAF itself - having been formed in 1913. Today 5 Squadron flies one of the RAF's most sophisticated and advanced aircraft - the Sentinel.

It was inspiring to hear our guides talk with such conviction and passion about the role this amazing aircraft plays in many of today's most difficult and troubling conflicts. And impossible not to admire and celebrate the skill and dedication of the ground and aircrew who keep the squadron of four aircraft in constant action.

WCF visit to Waddington
Survival equipment demonstration at RAF Waddington

Highground - life beyond the military, outdoors

Lance Corporal Jim Hill - Highground
Lance Corporal Jim Hill; amongst the Cosmos

HighGround is a charity which has been formed to assist in the transition to civilian life of individuals who have served in HM Forces.

Many individuals working in this sector may experience physical and mental health issues as a result of service to their Country. HighGround’s vision is to provide expert advice on and insight into alternative land-based jobs, career and vocational opportunities for these individuals to support their transition to civilian life via education, training and future employment.

Support will be delivered to Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans through individually-tailored programmes including professional and practical advice, leading towards employment and fulfilment.

The Worshipful Company of Farmers admires and supports the work that Highground does and is working with the organisation to see how we, through our Liverymen, might be able to provide them with opportunities for ex-service personnel.